A new reality

Reality exists independently of us. But only as long as we agree on this. You should always strive for the best and at the same time accurately understand both your goals and aspirations.


A new reality

Minimum effort and harmony with the surrounding world. There is no need to sacrifice anything in the name of profit.


A new reality

The more effort is applied, the more resistance there is in these efforts. Only a harmonious and not violent attitude towards your aspirations can give positive results.

How to start?

Using Telegram® messenger in cooperation with us completely fits into the philosophy of «Carpe Diem». You are free in your choice and you will always have the maximum protection of your data with minimal attached effort of you. To start cooperating fully and become a fully legitimate follower of lifestyle and worldview of «Carpe Diem», you need to get full interaction with us. In addition, you need to get the right information and opportunities for full cooperation without effort. Telegram® meets all these requirements.
Cloud messenger Telegram® can safely and securely provide an opportunity to communicate and cooperate with us without any effort and risk of intervention in the process of unauthorized persons.
All you need to create an account in a free cross-platform cloud messenger Telegram® is to have a mobile phone number. Your account created in Telegram® will be linked to your phone number.
Upon registration in the messenger, and also on subsequent authorizations of your account or login (adding) new devices, such as tablets or mobile PC’s, Telegram® will check (identify) your phone number by sending an SMS-message with an appropriate authorization code to your phone number. That, in fact, all that is needed to work with us fully.
To create an account in a free application Telegram®, please follow this link:
If you already have an account in this messenger, welcome to the world of «Carpe Diem»!


Our system’s operation is based on the popular Telegram messenger. All actions are performed in the system with the help of our Telegram bot Carpediem. By interacting with the bot, you can invest, withdraw charges on your wallet, as well as keep track of your statistics in the system. To start earning you need to perform a few simple steps.
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  • Download Telegram

    To get started, download and install Telegram messenger on your smartphone, tablet or your computer by clicking “Download Telegram”.
  • Activate the Bot

    If you are not registered, go through a simple registration procedure in the system. Click "Connect" and allow the browser to start Telegram. Activate the bot by clicking “Start”.
  • Make an Investment

    Select the language which you are going to use in order to communicate with the bot. Then click on "Earnings" and make your first deposit by using one of the offered payment systems.
  • Earn with Us

    Your payment charged will start from 1% and will grow each day by 0.1% until it reaches 5.9% per day. The payment charged can be withdrawn every day.