A new reality

Reality exists independently of us. But only as long as we agree on this. You should always strive for the best and at the same time accurately understand both your goals and aspirations.


A new reality

Minimum effort and harmony with the surrounding world. There is no need to sacrifice anything in the name of profit.


A new reality

The more effort is applied, the more resistance there is in these efforts. Only a harmonious and not violent attitude towards your aspirations can give positive results.


What is the “Carpe Diem” concept?

“Carpe Diem” is the philosophy of new people, who are self-sufficient in their aspirations and in getting of new experiences. Harmony of life processes and complete freedom of choice. You can read more about our approach to business and life on the page “About Us”.

How to become a “Carpe Diem” follower?

If you made the decision and want to become a follower of a «Carpe Diem» social worldview, read the section “How to Start”. Everything is quite simple.

How much time should I spend on participation in “Carpe Diem”?

Advantages and uniqueness of our concept are that you absolutely do not have to spend your precious time for things that might be contrary to your basic attitude toward life values. Just have fun by communicating and participating in the “Carpe Diem” community. We know how to properly highlight key points and make money without putting at the center any of followers’ duties.

What are the minimum conditions to begin the cooperation?

You should have an account in a free cross-platform cloud messenger Telegram. In fact, this is the only condition. Without it participation will be difficult.

If I want to take part, how much can I earn?

We offer to take part only in the investment decision, which, in our opinion, should to the maximum extent reflect our “Carpe Diem” concept and which evolves dynamically, generating a profitable part of cooperation with “Carpe Diem”. You can read more about this in the "Investments" section. If we talk about general numbers: in 50 working days, during which your money will work, you will earn 172.5% of total return on that money. But your net profit will be 72.5%.

What are the main conditions of the investment process?

The main conditions of the investment process include implementing or compliance with the minimum requirements, without which the process of investing is either difficult or impossible. In addition, we offer some kinds of conditions that describe in detail the conduct of the investment process.
The investment is allowed to use the following electronic payment systems: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer.
In addition, there are conditions that govern both the investment process and profit. Below, you will see these conditions:

- The minimum denomination of the investment should not be less than 10 USD;
- The number of the investments you can make is not limited;
- All payments are carried out immediately;
- The minimum allowable sum to be paid shall not be less than 0,2 USD;
- The maximum allowable sum to be paid is not established;
- Fee and commission payments for replenishment or withdrawal are not established;
- All financial transactions are carried out in USD;
- Charges are made only on the working days;
- All financial input and output operations of funds are made daily, seven days a week;
- Withdrawals are allowed on payment system, which you used to invest.

Can I invite new followers to the community?

Of course. If you want it. Invite new followers and tell them the essence of the origins of our world, describe and explain, help and guide your new followers by sharing your experience and knowledge with them. We, in turn, will encourage each of you, using the resources that have already been earned by the founders of the “Carpe Diem” philosophy on investing in the main branches of economic activity of the person, which fit harmoniously into the “Carpe Diem” philosophy. More details about the incentives program for the invitations of new followers to “Carpe Diem” will be found in the “Community Power" section.

Can I, as a “Carpe Diem” follower expect any rewards, if I did not contribute to the investment process?

It is not obligatory to invest the amount into our investment processes in order to be able to receive incentive rewards for the invitations of new followers to the community.

Who should I contact in case I need some help?

We are always there as a community. You can send your questions and suggestions by using our support @CARPEDIEM_Support.