A new reality

Reality exists independently of us. But only as long as we agree on this. You should always strive for the best and at the same time accurately understand both your goals and aspirations.


A new reality

Minimum effort and harmony with the surrounding world. There is no need to sacrifice anything in the name of profit.


A new reality

The more effort is applied, the more resistance there is in these efforts. Only a harmonious and not violent attitude towards your aspirations can give positive results.

«Carpe Diem» Terms & Conditions of Service

Please, read these terms and conditions of service.
When you use our site, or go to our application, integrated into a free cross-platform cloud messenger Telegram®, you accept and agree with our terms and conditions of service.
If you disagree with these terms, you must not continue to use our site, or to use the company’s Telegram® integrated application.

The company reserves the right to change, update and/or modify these rules at any time. In case of implementing any changes into these rules, updates and/or modifications, the company will provide information on relevant developments in these rules by posting related news on the company’s official website, and there will also be some adjustments made about the date of the rules’ recent update. The date of the last update is shown at the very top of this page.

Terms of Use.

The main condition for the correct use of the company’s services is having an account in a free cross-platform cloud messenger Telegram®.
To create an account, the members can use the information found in the section of the company’s official website "How to start?".
Using services of the company is an exclusively voluntary process, which is confirmed by each member.
The members are not required to make any investment activities by using our application, which is integrated into a free cross-platform cloud messenger Telegram®. However, the members are obliged to follow these rules to the full extent.
The company provides certain information, relating its investment offers, exclusively on the basis of acquainting purposes.
The members determine their strategies of investment behavior on their own by using the information posted on the company's website.
The members use the information posted on the company’s official website independently and on their own.
The members are obliged to store any identification data in a state of inaccessibility to third parties and agree that they will not provide this information to unauthorized persons voluntarily under any circumstances.
The members confirm that they use services of the company voluntarily.

Applicable Law. Aspects of use.

The members agree and confirm that by using the company’s official website, as well as by using services of the company will not violate the legislation of their countries of residence and/or permanent residence or citizenship.
The members agree and confirm that any actions that are allowed by the company’s site system, are performed in strict conformity with the moral, ethical and legal standards of international and local principles of social and civic behavior.
The members are obliged to respect the right of other members to unimpeded use of the company's site as well as its services.
The members confirm that in case of their financial transactions they will use only their own money.
The members confirm that they will not use resulting from cooperation of the company’s funds under any circumstances for illegal purposes, including, but not limited, to terrorist financing and other illicit associations, institutions and organizations.
The members confirm that they will not initiate discriminatory acts of any nature in relation to other members and/or the company’s employees.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, and without limiting the points set out below, however,
The members agree and confirm that under any circumstances they will not:

Use our services in a way that may interfere with, disrupt, influence negatively other participants’ ability to use our services, fully or partially apply methods that can damage, disable, block or disrupt the functioning of our services and/or the site in any form;
Use our services to pay, maintain, or otherwise have a direct impact and to take part in any illegal gambling activities; fraud; money laundering; any other illegal activity;
Try to hack or use the account of other member, or members without the explicit written consent of other member or members;
Try to get access to the services or to a part of the services, to which there are no rights and/or access given by the company;
Try to use any of the methods in the systems and components of the site as well as its integrated applications, any malware software, viruses, trojan viruses and/or use of other software and/or hardware methods, deteriorating or completely liquidating the site operation and/or its components and applications;
Use spam-technology;
Incite any third party to take part in any activity prohibited within this section.

The members confirm and agree that in case of violating of any provision of this rules section, the company has a right to transfer the member’s personal data to the appropriate law enforcement and/or law enforcement agencies of any country that are interested in receiving this information without prior notice.

Termination of Services.

In case of force majeure circumstances, in case of breaking these rules or in case of any other circumstances, which may make the services provision commercially unreasonable or impossible for any moral and ethical reasons, the company may at its own discretion and without prior approval with any member to suspend the access to all or a part of our services that are implemented with the help of company’s applications and software. We may terminate your access to the services at our own discretion immediately and without prior notice, and also remove or disable your account and all related information and files without liability to any member, for example, in case of any member’s proven volition of any rules provision. In addition, the company at its own discretion and without further liability, as well as without any prior notice, may at any time modify or discontinue temporarily or permanently the provision of any part of our services within the rules section.

Negotiation process.

Any disputes and controversies as well as their discussion and resolution cannot go beyond the internal confidential negotiations between the company and the member.
All negotiations are conducted in writing.
All costs associated with the provision of analytical information, collecting evidence and/or facts are accepted by the initiator of the dispute voluntarily and irrevocably, unless the initiator has violated these terms.
All content of the site and its applications, including the applications that are integrated into a free cross-platform cloud messenger Telegram®, refers to these rules symmetrically and semantically identical, and the content cannot be a subject to any disputes and/or a priori disagreements.


The company is not responsible for any damages and/or losses arising from any member’s use of the site, his/her applications and/or services of the company. The company will not be responsible for any member’s losses and in case of the member’s using the content of our website as a guide or a solicitation to direct action, or treating the content of our website as a direct guarantee and/or direct promise of certain or some results that may occur as a result of the cooperation between the member and the company.