A new reality

Reality exists independently of us. But only as long as we agree on this. You should always strive for the best and at the same time accurately understand both your goals and aspirations.


A new reality

Minimum effort and harmony with the surrounding world. There is no need to sacrifice anything in the name of profit.


A new reality

The more effort is applied, the more resistance there is in these efforts. Only a harmonious and not violent attitude towards your aspirations can give positive results.


Investment processes, which are acceptable in “Carpe Diem” are exclusively formative business activities. Building industry, agriculture, foodstuff manufacturing, pharmaceuticals industry are basic industries which fit well into the philosophy of “Carpe Diem” and which do not require actions that are out of character of the basic principles of life and philosophy of the “Carpe Diem” style.
If you want, you can always put a certain amount in our investment processes and then receive a stable income without making any effort. The concept of “Carpe Diem” cannot require force or impose.
Only without effort, in harmony with the world and people around us, we can achieve success and create a new reality.
If you decide to invest, you will have a good opportunity to use our investment decision which is specially adapted for the followers of the philosophy and ideology of “Carpe Diem”. The constant progress without active involvement in the process of development could not be better reflected as in our investment decision which is rapidly evolving, generating a profitable part of cooperation with “Carpe Diem”:

172.5% of the amount of investment in 50 working days

Our investment decision shows in practice how the progress and development work effortlessly. Every working day you will receive 0.1% more than in the previous day. Thus, starting at 1% that will be charged you from your investment in the first 24 hours on the second day, at the same time, 1.1% will be charged you, 1.2% - on the third day, and so on, gradually increasing by 0.1% each working day to 5.9%. All together, in 50 working days you’ll get 172.5% of the amount you invested. These charges, as you have already understood, contain not only the percentage of profits, but also a part of the nominal sum you invested.

Some conditions of the investment process

- The investment is allowed to use the following electronic payment systems: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer;
- The minimum denomination of the investment should not be less than 10 USD;
- The number of the investments you can make is not limited;
- All payments are carried out immediately;
- The minimum allowable sum to be paid shall not be less than 0,2 USD;
- The maximum allowable sum to be paid is not established;
- Fee and commission payments for replenishment or withdrawal are not installed;
- Charges are made only on the working days;
- All financial transactions are carried out in USD;
- All financial input and output operations of funds are made daily, seven days a week;
- Withdrawals are allowed on payment system, which you used to invest.

Convenient financial solutions for the followers of “Carpe Diem” concept is the quintessence of the new worldview of rejection of any action, enhancing the resistance on the way to the formation of a new reality for ourselves.


We offer you a single investment plan with charges on weekdays, the first payment charged is 1%. Each subsequent day it will increase by 0.1% until it reaches 5.9% per day. The investments work period is 50 working days.

  • USD
  • days
  • 1 DAS
    50 DAYS
    10 USD
    20000 USD
This you have not seen before!
Daily percentage increase!
  • 0.1 USD
  • 10.1 USD


To start earning with us, you only need to make the first contribution by using commands for our Telegram bot.


Click "Earnings", then click "Make a deposit to an account". Select any payment system from the list. Select the amount of the contribution from the system offered ones or enter the amount manually. Follow the link to make a payment and follow the instructions of the system.


Congratulations! You made your first contribution to the future. Charges and the final income can easily be calculated by using our handy calculator.